behind the brand: CLUB 9 CRYO LOUNGE

This private glimpse into the preparation and success of CLUB 9 Cryo Lounge has it all.

Beautiful scenery. Technology. Signature cryo treatments, infrared saunas, bio coding, facials, massage chairs.

All enveloped in a Luxe Lounge.

Contributors: Filming by ABE1, Hair by D&O Salon


EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Cat

CLUB 9 is the brainchild of Dr. Cat Gibson. Enter into her world of Luxe Healthcare for modern clients who are discerning and excited about their health, cognition and life span. There’s a lot to like: functional medicine, cryo, infrared, bio coding, fasting mimicking and more. Don't miss this!



Our private label Nutraceuticals are made with the highest quality ingredients in a state of the art manufacturing facility. We exceed FDA quality standards and are GMP/USP certified.

Medical Director, Randy Gibson is your host of this private facility tour so you can see the technology and innovation that makes these formulations so effective.

Thanks to our awesome film crew, Jasmine and Trevor!

Thanks to our awesome film crew, Jasmine and Trevor!